Family thing?

July 15, 2006 at 5:59 pm

* My father died, likely (no dx) with ALS. Had all the necessary symptoms. Mind still very sharp.
* My mother died of a brain cancer, ( and 2 sisters not dead yet) but that’s from a different gene defect: MEN 2a.
* My grandfather had severe Parkinson’s.
* My nephew died of brain cancer.
* Another nephew has MS
* My sister has FMS and multiple chemical allergies.
* My other sister has Post Polio Syndrome (Wheel chair)
* My daughter had post measles encephalitis
* My grandson has Asperger’s (Hi functinal Autism)
* My sons, my grandsons, I, many cousins, have (probably,) mild Tourettes.
* Many of us (I included) cannot recognize faces until we feel the personality.
* My aunt had severe Tourettes.
* I have been dx with FMS, CPS, CIDP GERD, IBS. (And, not related I have severe burn damage in my throat, nose, sinuses, resulted from radiation and chemo for sinus cancer. I greatly miss some of those nice body part that are gone.)

*******WE GET ALONG–It not easy but we manage.