Family can cause stress!

December 13, 2009 at 10:33 am

I’m so sorry to hear you have to deal with well intentioned, but meddling family members. As if you (and Ryan) didn’t have enough stress already!

My mother was a nurse and she gives me grief ALL the time about my doctor. Since she doesn’t see instant results, she thinks I should change doctors until I find the one with the magic pill! I should also mention that my mom is bipolar and a HUGE challenge in my life. Anyone that’s read any of my posts knows that I have a wonderful doctor and that I would not ever consider changing. One would think as a nurse, that she would know there are no magic pills, but her bipolar personality thinks there is. Sigh. But that is what she does (change doctors often) and that is why no one can help her. Now, whenever she tries to bring it up, I just tell her I love her but I will not discuss this with her further and I also tell her I am hanging up and then I do before she has a chance to launch into her tirade.

Have you given your family the link to this website? My boss accepted what I told him about my struggles, but he didn’t understand. He’s been very supportive but sometimes I feel he thinks I’m taking advantage of my illness (as if there is such a thing!!!), so I gave him the link. After reading several posts, he understands better and no longer questions me.

You KNOW you are doing the best by and with your son. I recommend you keep firm boundaries around your family and every time they call and go into any of this you tell them you love them but this is not open for discussion and you are going to hang up – then do it! It works! Even my mind confused mother has gotten it.

You and Ryan remain in my prayers,