Falling Down (thanks)

December 17, 2006 at 2:56 pm

Thanks for all your reply’s your all great.
You guys all got hit worse than I did. I just suffer with the leg, bowel, face and eye lid problems plus I lost 60% of my upper body strength. It did not affect my breathing thank God.
I set up my garage with weight lifting equipment and set up rigs with chains and ropes to allow me to compensate for some of the things I need to do.
Even though I have to crawl to some equipment or use a rig on others I am able to perform all but one exercise without assistance. My wife has to lift my legs in order for me to do leg press’s.
So far I estimate that I have regained 5% of my upper body strength. However, I have not regained any of my coordination or balance.
After reading all of your replies I feel lucky and will continue to be patient.
I will include you in my prayers.