face residuals

March 15, 2007 at 11:30 pm

paula, i was dx in feb. 05 and also had electric stimulation while in pt. it was actually the speech therapist that did it and it really helped then. i could still see that my face still fell around the eyes, corner of mouth and around the jaw line. i have now been getting acupuncture for about four weeks and she did do this to help the facial muscles. i can see a difference but some of my friends say they can not tell but i put the make up on it every day so i can tell the results. i am happier with how it looks now than i have been for 2 years. dont know how it would work on others tho. i guess it is trial and error as it is with all the things that go with gbs. i also had miller fisher variant. even with the acupuncture it is a slow process and you cant always tell after a treatment if it will help for a day or so. so good luck