eye damage

September 28, 2007 at 8:58 am

I’m a 78 year old male, diagnosed with CIDP at Mayo Clinic 1996. Have had fairly good vision, but had catarac removed on right eye 2004. Have had IVIG some 8 years ago (no positive results) Had plasma exchange 6 months ago (no positive results) Started 60 mg Pretisone 4 months ago (no positive results) After two months, started slow weaning off. Weight gain, mood swing, unable to sleep, hoarseness,moon face, and worst of all not able to read easily. Just had eyes examined and new glasses that had me at 20/20 some 6 months ago. Am going to wait until completely weaned off the roids and go back for another exam. Sure hope this isn’t permanent. Will keep board advised.