expensive TicTacs

April 9, 2010 at 2:03 am

Newsweek magazine did a 6 page article on antidepressants in February.It said that more scientists are now concluding that antidepressants “are basically expensive Tic Tacs.” Three quarters of the benefit from them seems to be a placebo effect. Britain even stopped recommending them as a first-line treatment for mild or moderate depression. What is sad is that “the worse side effects a patient experiences, the more effective the drug seems to be….the thinking being..if this drug is strong enough to make me vomit, then it must be strong enough to lift depression. That is a crazy placebo effect!!
But the true drug effect is “nonexistent to negligible.” unless you have Severe depression.
I had a wonderful therapist in Tampa who was helping me get through my mom’s death and stayed with me through the GBS in PA…phone sessions. I could not have made it without him.(All of my friends/relatives deserted me when I got GBS.) He had known Oliver Sachs’ son when he had GBS.. I am blessed.
IF I can help another Carolyn with what he told me, let me know.