October 9, 2007 at 2:42 pm

Hello Chooks,
Welcome to your new family where we understand because we feel what you feel. I think you do understand the IVIG has two purposes, to CONTROL the progression (not stop) and to try to bring about improvements and make you feel better. Sometimes both happen, sometimes only one. When the progression of CIDP isCONTROLLED, we can heal! I went through many falls and broken bones even though IVIG was working for me. After a year to a year and a half, my falls stopped and never came back. I am in my ninth year of CIDP and doing very well. I am no longer progressing and I no longer need ANY kind of treatment for this syndrome. I have gone through four years of no progression. I was SEVERELY damaged though and left with residuals so some things, for me, won’t heal. We do have HOPE, so we must NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give up. It takes years to recover and heal, not months. I would say give it a year, then what you are looking for is maintaining what abilities you have. You want to feel STABLE, but never worse. That’s when you”re healing.