Exercises for CIDP

August 28, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Thanks for the responses. It is not surprising that the PT people are unfamiliar with CIDP since even neurologists see so few of us.

The magazine I. G. Living has an article on Exercises for CIDP in the August 2010 issue. Go to IGLiving.com and sign up to read it for free. This is one of the printouts I took to be placed in my file. My therapists were glad to read something written by one of their own rather than relying on my subjective opinions.

I am being very compliant about doing my PT at home. However I am also trying to stop exercising before I push too far. There have been days when I realize I am trying too hard – I am just flattened by exhaustion. Sigh. Sometimes I think my CIDP has affected my common sense.

Throughout the past ten years I have been remarkably lucky with all my health team. I am really grateful that the PT folks have been professional and sensitive to my neuropathy. Please let me know if you have specific recommendations for physical therapists. I am being treated in a clinic that is attached to a teaching hospital so your suggestions will go to more than just my therapists.