Everyone will have opinions

November 4, 2006 at 9:29 am

I think it maybe useful to send this out to Nate from a fellow young person at least I still see myself as young. I was paralyzed in the hospital last year with GBS and now I have recovered pretty nicely but the struggles he is having today I remember very well and I also felt discouraged when I read the posts on this board. Now, I find them uplifling and supportive because the struggles I have now are sometimes like wining compared to what it was really like a year ago. These boards are good for mom and later term problems that may or may not manifest but right now all you need to know is that one finger or leg lift or hand lift at a time is your focus. I would like to hear from you in a year, perhaps we could compare forty meter times. Of course I will still be getting stronger. Time does heal but life is 98% attitude and 2% work. Obviously the work is relative to your attitude. The fact that you have survived makes you more powerful than those who are superior athletes in this world, plus you have the blessing of knowing what others can only imagine. You should know what it means to walk, talk, feel and move and because you will do those things again it should uplift you because there are many who never have the chance you do. You will get better but you will also learn how to be patient with yourself, I am learning to do just that even though I don’t like it. I’m cheering you on Nate, I look forward to your story being told as you get better. Praying for you Nate from Maryland.