Every insurance company is different

February 1, 2011 at 7:52 am

grawplyr – no one talked cost with me as it is all different depending on what insurance you have and if the insurance will pay for the sct. I just received my insurance statements and for the three evaluation appointments (including blood work) I had in Chicago, my co-pay was $60 total.

Once accepted into the trials, then they contact your insurance company to see if this trial will be covered. Jon is from New Zealand and so has no coverage in this country – I think his cost is around $150k. When Alice went through this, her insurance wouldn’t pay, so she had to come up with the cash. I admire her greatly (and she is a now a close personal friend – bff!!!) and I always tell her she is trail blazer since almost everyone after her has received some insurance help. Her courage, determination and recovery shows how much this works and helps all of us that come after her with our insurance as she is another success we can point to …. so I always thank her!

Bottom line – you just have to go through the process to see what will happen and, if accepted, how much your insurance will cover.

Good luck!