Every Emily has written is true..

August 8, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Don’t expect ‘miracles’ right off the bat? For me, the change was just a little one at first – my numbness which was migrating towards the center of my body from arms and legs about 1-3 inches each month slowed down then stopped. Then it became less painful, you know how those dying nerves can protest or almost scream? They didn’t shout out their displeasure, just yelped it out now and then, then just continue now to ‘humm’ at a low pitch.
After my loading dose followed by another slow infusion 4 weeks later, I was able to walk and shop for a whole hour for the first time in a year! What a simple joy!
At first, it’d only last about 3-5 days, but that was soo much more than before!
Seek? I don’t know how long it’s been from your onset to getting the infusions? But now is the time to ask your neuro about finding a good physical therapy practice! I found it helped me re-learn to walk and regain balance doing at times, what seemed like simple or silly ‘things’- the exercises were not the ‘go get ’em’ sort of workouts, but rather slow and methodical not pushing yourself to ‘overdo’ type of ‘challenging drills’.. to overdo all at once is asking for potentially more damage.
Beba? I believe I’ve tried to answer your question on another post. I’ve found that a good solid nap once home from infusions helps too.- Good luck!