Erin? Say to your neuo…

March 21, 2009 at 1:59 pm

EXACTLY what you’ve outlined to us!
Bring a notepad so’s you can quote yourself if needed.
Say YES the IVIG has helped. But this lower dose just isn’t helping near as much!
I understand about that ‘craving’! The physical need to keep the pains at bay and then the mental salve it provides are enormous. Saying ‘craving’ to a doc tho isn’t necessarily productive? Focus more on the practical ways MORE has helped vs less. Keep that factual.
Many neuros will try to wean you to the least amount possible to some effect. It depends on their training or something, I think.
I’ve been fortunate in that my own neuro hasn’t reduced the dose in the years I’ve been on it- but only YOU can be your best advocate to this end. I’d have to say I’d likely scream bloody murder if my dose was decreased? I feel often greedy and guilty at the dose I get already!
Just be honest about the doses before and after and be clear about the ‘new things’ that have happened since the ‘after’.
Sell yourself, not your heart or soul…just what is going on! Hope and results SOON!