eric, john

June 12, 2006 at 6:40 pm

I used to (not know how to act around handicapped people) before I got CIDP.
Hey u 2.
hee haw..
I’m ready to try some that rituxian(sp)
I used a gripmaster to help with finger strength. My triceps are so shot, i was just getting to where i could lay on my back and touch my nose with my finger and not smack myself in the face. I’m relapsing right now, but i started ivig today.. (thank you Lord) I get 3 days at 45/g day.. the third day kills me . raised blood pressure, headache, flu, u know. I’m like you I became allergic to ivig after a few years of it. I do the solmedrol and bennie drill also. maybe we can start a band, us 3.
I’m goan start a thread asking for band/stage names soon.