embarrased and frightened

February 12, 2007 at 11:49 pm

Bunnyrarebit I would tell what I take for sleep but I’m kinda embarassed to mention all the prescriptions they have me on.
ok I’ll list my meds.
in the A.M.
diovan – blood pressure
cardizem- blood pressure and fluid in blood
nexium- reflux
allegra- allergies
wellbutrin xl-anti- depressant
150mg Lyrica – nerve pain
Soma – muscle relaxer
ultram er – pain
800 iu vitamin E – leg cramps
acetyl l carnitin 500mg- nerve repair
allbee with c – nerve repain

in the P.M. before bed
Ambien 10 mg-sleep
xanax 5 mg-anxiety
150 mg Lyrica- nerve pain
acetyl-L-carnitin – nerve repair

only as needed
oxycodon – pain
ultracet – pain

I need to mention I don’t drink alcohol at all!