Electric wheelchair…

June 25, 2007 at 10:49 am

In your post, did you mean an electric wheelchair or a power chair? Because there is a difference. An electric wheelchair looks just like a wheelchair but has batteries underneath to make it mobile on its own. But a power chair looks more like a padded chair with a colorful bottom. The reason I ask is that I have had a power chair, a Jazzy 1113 for over 5 years now. At my worst (for almost 3 years) I had to use it all of the time. Now I mostly walk, but it sure comes in handy when I need to give my legs a break.

It is easy to transport as we have a power lift in the back of our minivan. I think it cost around $2500 new. I can ride the chair to my van & easily put it in by myself if I want to, as well as take it out. But I can stand & lean on the van when I do this. It just takes me a minute. Myself, I prefer the power chair to a scooter because I can also use it easily around the house to do chores if my legs get tired.