Eightplus…. rant deserved!

August 29, 2009 at 10:35 pm

When I was ultimately ‘diagnosed’ it too fivek months [total 14 months from onset to treatment]…only because I would NOT/Could NOT accept the progression of my ‘benign neuropathy’! Two additional neurologist opinions, four months of various tests and I received adequate treatment. Soo now I have been going far better [but, for one really good recent set-back] far better that could be expected.
I truly wish that I had gotten those additional ‘consultations’ long before the damage was done? And it was and I am powerless to complain, criticize nor educate the very first neurologist who I had trusted to make me better ultimately making things much worse.
I too, used to be very active physically. The initial medications for my pain both muddled my mind and my body in regard to healing. Reconciling my ‘past’ life with my current one is full of frustrations, but, at least, I have/had the joys that came with that life to re-live in my mind’s-eye.
IN the meantime? We do what we can to educate other treating doctors about our condition[s] and get along without ever giving up!