Efficacy of anti-MAG

October 21, 2008 at 3:21 pm

[QUOTE=michaeljay]I have one additional thesis that I ran by the docs and they don’t know either, and that is given the reduction in proteins and maintenance of anti-bodies, it may be that anti-bodies lose their efficacy, temporally either at the beginning of life or at the end of life.[/QUOTE]

Interesting line of thought! I did some digging with regard to the half-lifes of antibodies and found a number of papers suggesting that modification of half-lifes may be possible. However, I could not find anything specific about Rituxan or IgM or anti-MAG. Nevertheless, if we theorize that Rituxan can cause a reduction in the half life of IgM (normally 5 to 10 days), it would explain a drop in the efficacy of the anti-MAG. Maybe I am way out to lunch on this. It sure would be good to have input from someone who works in the field.