Each month is different…

March 19, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Hi Ken,
Having gone through Cytoxin for 14 months, I can tell you that some months were worse than others. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it was. One month I’d be okay, the next month I’d be nauseaus for a week or two.
That is why the doctors keep me well supplied with anti-nausea meds.
I am allergice the the group of anti-nausea meds of phenothiazines, (Compazine, Phenergain, etc.). So, they keep me well supplied with Zofran, (an anti-nausea med specifically for people going through chemo.), and Tigan.
I find the Tigan helps me greatly, and when it doesn’t work, I take the Zofran on top of the Tigan after an hour or so.
For very bad nausea, where I cannot even swallow a people without puking, I have Tigan suppositories.

This is just the side-effect of the chemo. Some people lose all their hair as well–I only lost half of it. I lost have the hair in my beard, but unfortunately I still had to shave—lol, I had wished that that hair on my face would disappear…
One note–when they administer the chemo, they also administer 32mg of Zofran via the IV, as well as Mesna for the bladder side-effects, and Dextrose.
Keep a “stiff upper lip”, guy…