E- I wish I knew? But, Cody-S you

December 29, 2007 at 4:44 pm

truly hit a ‘nerve’ about accessability to the neuro’s office! Just opening the doors to offices seems like some sort of TEST!
And then, so many neuro’s seem to have their offices at the very very end of long, hard to find twisty corridors! Always seems to me like passing certain tests or secret code words or something… And these are the ‘Professionals’ who are ‘dedicated’ to treating us?
I admit, my own neuro has few shortfalls, but the ‘bathroom issue’ is a constant. Other neuros’ I’ve written off, were worse overall in the whole ‘accessability’ set of issue. Any of these guys ever hear of the ‘ADA’???? Think it’s a ‘forgotten’ issue or something.
Sorry ‘E’ but this just pushed one of those ‘buttons’ we all have! Thanks.