Dust Demon, you are the man. Well done

August 17, 2006 at 4:00 pm

[QUOTE=dustdemon 1][B]My wife was diagnosed & came down with GBS in June 2000, she had a diseased gall bladder. As to which she had surgery to remove it, a few days after the surgery, is when the problems with the GBS set in. Shortly after the diagnosis, it totally shut her respiratory system down. She died & some way or another the Drs at a hospital in Louisville Ky were able to bring her back. She was totally paralyzed from the onset of it, she spent 3 mnths in the hospital, & had plasma pherisis 5 times, plus ivig. She went from the hospital to a rehab center, where she had to learn to do everything all over again. They got her back to where she could walk with the help of a walker as to which she has to still use this. The Drs said she would never get back to even 1/2 being normal because of the extent of damage done by the GBS. She also had to have surgery in 2004 because of an extreme colitis infection that had set up in her colin, the damage was extreme it resulted in surgery that the Dr had to remove 95% of her colin. She has an illiostomy & has to wear a pouch on her lower right abdomen. She is not able to change the pouch due to still having limited use of her hands, this is one of the things I take care of. It can be a challenge but I’ve learned to deal with it, she also has a gtube in her stomach. As to which I crush all her meds & disolve in water, & put them through this tube. She has chronic nerve pain & she is on 800 mg of generic neurontin 3x /day, along with Hydrocodone 7.5 500mg 3 x/day. We will be married 29 yrs this Nov, we have 2 daughters & a son all grown, I have 2 grandaughters & a grandson as to which his mommy has another baby due in Oct. This ones a girl you know these grandbabies, are what are giving my wife the extra push to keep going. Well I just thought I share this with you. Something that put a problem on me was that last yr the car I was driving was rear ended & I’ve been left with back problems. So that just adds more to everything else, oh my wife was 40 when she was hit by the GBS, she’s now soon to be 47. As you know being a careprovider is a lot of responsibility, I just take it one day at a time. 😉 [/B][/QUOTE] Dust Demon, you are the man. Well done, people like you are what we need