Duke Medical Center

May 11, 2009 at 9:03 pm

Duke Medical Center has Dr. Jules Vern! Neurosciences Building. Very good team of Neurologist there and they specialize in CIDP along with other Neuro Diseases.
Mac! I just noticed you too live in NC. I am on the other side of Raleigh in Nashville, NC. Something I noticed when I moved here 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA. These doctor’s around here don’t like prescribing any kinds of narcotics.
I had myself a time finding a good doctor down here when I first moved here to NC. They had me on 2.75 mgs of Zanax up North with alot of other drugs and when I first saw a doctor down here the first one wanted me off the Zanax! Ohh no! I don’t give Zanax to my patients. And wouldn’t give me my prednisone either. Refused to give me Prednisone and told me what I had left of it to wean myself down because he won’t give me that. Only gave me Ibuprophen. “Your labs are normal right now and you don’t need these drugs anymore! I told him that as soon as he takes me off them I am going to go back to being sick again! And sure enough I got sick really bad!
Thank goodness I found one that finally listened to me! That poor doctor if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be dead by now! He placed me back on all my meds except the Zanax but has me on ..25 mgs of that. Just enough to ease the crunch on bad mornings. Did put me on Clonazapam though and that helps alot too. Put me back on prednisone too. That man saved my life this year in more ways than one.
Jules Vern is a very good doctor. But he is at Duke Hospital which might be to far but well worth going to! Hope this helps! Hugs
Linda H