Drummer I guess it depends on

December 14, 2007 at 6:23 pm

what you mean by a ‘neurostimulator’? If you are talking about Tens, then go to the search feature on the top blue bar and enter in ‘tens’, I bet you will find a lot. If you are talking about spinal pain implant kinds of things…maybe you should web up ‘spinal pain implants’ and see what you get…from all I’ve read [and I don’t have spinal issues [YET?]] but do keep an eye on the whole concept, I bet you will find plenty of resources that could be useful.
As for ‘a stim’ for my self? I’d like my doc to give me a script for a Tens Accupoint stim pen myself…I’ve had it used on me for two years during PT sessions. While it’s not ‘healed’ any nerves, per se…it has given more than a few a well…CLEAR wake up call? Sometimes as nerves heal, they just don’t know where/how to connect when they’re ready…The pen helped many of my nerves WAKE up and get connected and try to work…You need a script to get it used on you in PT, and sometimes [depending on insurance?] you can get the tool [mite have to pay some tho] and instructions by a PT and the ‘handbooks’…The good thing about the accupoint is that you don’t need all the leaders and patches…but, when you use it, I do think you need to be ‘grounded’ somehow. It’s not a long term thing like the other Tens therapies tho…that to me isgood? It IS considered a form of ‘alternative therapy’ by many insurances tho, thus, not covered at all. But, we all here consider any therapy for the good and bad, costs or not as tradeoffs. Don’t we? Hope this helps.