Dr Shawn Bird

August 22, 2008 at 4:48 am

I feel so deeply sorry for your husband right now! Dr. Shawn Bird used to work with Dr. Mark Brown when I was being seen there and I actually saw both of them. Dr. Bird is an excellent doctor. In fact, I think University of PA Hospital is an excellent hospital. Expecially in Neurology. I was very sick when I first got there and Dr. Brown had a team of Neuro’s working on me. They sure helped me out. So sorry to hear about your insurance company not covering the charges. That is such a shame for John Hopkins is also a great hospital.
Medical bills like that can take a person’s home away and make them loose everything they have. And it should not be this way. Some unknown virus’s can also cause CIDP. Exsposure to a toxin can cause CIDP.
What other kinds of symtoms has he had? A rare form of vasculitis can cause CIDP and seizures. CIDP rarely causes death, but that depends on what is causing the CIDP. Some forms of CIDP depending on the disease that caused it can be deadly. And also what has he been exposed to? Certain rare neuromuscular disorders too can cause CIDP.
I wished I could help you in making that decision about where to take him and the financial aspect. A persons life to me is priceless. But in the world we live in today medically speaking. There is just no value on life anymore. It’s all about money. But then you have to realize what is best for you financially. I know you love your husband deeply. I can tell that in your posting. And it’s very hard not being able to help him.
The worst part about this situation is two people are involved here. You and your husband. You may have to sit down and think about what will happen to you if you decide to take out a loan. And what if he does pass away? Will it hurt you financially and will you be able to handle that afterwards. But at the same time, you want to do what is best for your husband. The financial aspects of this could be devastating for both you and your husband. These insurance companies really upset me at times.
If I were in your shoes. I would see about getting another neurologist at the University of PA Hospital and see if the insurance company will take them. Have him transfered and let the insurance handle the bills.
$5000 here and $5000 there can wipe you out overnight. I truely feel for you and you really need the hugs right now.Not easy dealing with either. Very stressful situation and the unknown is very scary for you right now. You certainly have your hands full right now. I hope that my advice helps you some and please keep us posted on his condition.
I really can not tell you what to do here but can say special prayers for him. I do hope they find out what is causing his illness and make him well soon.
Giving you a huge cyber hug and alot of prayers