Dont knock a good thing!!!!!

December 9, 2008 at 5:30 am

Hi ya chooks,
I empathise with you. Just wanted to add re the other comments for what its worth, talk to your neuro about how you are feeling. Maybe you both can look at trialling a diferent treatment regime, ie PE, pulse steriods, and or immunosuppressants etc if you are feeling so over the ivig. Am definately not supporting any of these treatments over what is currently prescribed for you but think it is worth talking with your neuro about. A combination of treatments may mean less ivig is required.
I too would like see myself on the path to not requiring treatment but understand this may be all in good time.
Am just a few years older than you, also with 3 young children and have been on ivig twice weekly for nearly 2 years also(along with azathiaprine/methotrexate and weekly iv pulsed methylpred) Have improved greatly over last year and am now trying very gradual reduction, have halved methylpred to 250mg (from 500mg) and am appearing to hold on once weekly ivig. (touch plenty of wood!!!!!!) – still on methotrexate. Am dying to get off all the drugs but will continue to be patient and reduce things slowly as definately dont want any setbacks etc.
Hang in there, enjoy your children, just as well we have them eh otherwise i know i would have given up long ago!!
All the best
Kiwi chick