dont do it.

January 29, 2011 at 2:38 pm

I had tetanus shot and it was a big mistake. The warning on the permission slip stated in bold capital letters: DO NOT TAKE THIS VACCINE IF YOU HAVE GBS. of course, the nurse didnt give the slip to me until after the shot and we both said, uh oh. Within hours I broke out in itchy welts and wound up on prednisone for a week. It was awful. I always took the flu shot but once I was a GBS patient in a coma and trached and almost dead, the neurologist told me: no flu shot. The current shot contains h1N1 vaccine as well ;that is an invitation to GBS> In 1976 there was a GBS epidemic due to H1N1 shots. The combined the shots this year b/c there was a surplus since people did not want to take H1N1 b/c of side effects.
Unless you plan on building something with rusty nails and take the chance of impaling yourself with one, I would advise against the tetanus shot.
I would and havent, taken the flu shot. It isnt worth it .