Don’t know about you? But for me…

February 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm

it depended on what meds I was on…. Cutting out a lot of them helped. Neurontin, for example does interrupt sleep patterns big-time. At least for me. Once off it and onto another med I found I’d started DREAMING again! The pent up backload led to some truly whopper dreams tho, I gotta warn you? Once you can dream, then powernaps and dreaming can and do occur more often. I guess when you don’t dream for a year on one med? and change to another? You’ve got a ‘backlog’?
It lessens rapidly, but those first few? Just be prepared….
Go and read all the ‘full prescribing medical information’ of any and all meds your are on! Look at the ‘common’ reactions and the lesser ones too… There isn’t a lot of research about IF you are on ‘other’ meds tho. and that’s where it all gets mushy. Call the Med companies’ 800#’s and ask questions? I bet they will get this into their data bank and also mite be able to give you some guidance.
Keep hope and faith! Keep that good ATTITUDE! Too!