doing the same thing and expecting different results

September 25, 2010 at 9:41 am

It’s funny that I did not pick up on the negativity. I picked up on people asking for the latest Pain medication..what works. They say that insanity is doing the same thing you are doing and expecting different results. When I had my first bout of GBS in 1986, which was so much milder than in 2006, I searched for Anything that would help me stop the progression or heal faster. I even considered Macrobiotics. My fantastic, wholistic doctor said he didn’t think that would make a difference and it was a lot of work cooking that rice, etc.Looking back, he was right. BUT I was looking for something the doctors couldn’t give me…..I was attempting to take control. That takes away some of the frustration of this syndrome. Yes, the medical profession has labeled it a syndrome…like “Hey, we don’t know what causes it, but you have it!!Give it Time” Yeah, right…easy for them to say. No wonder there is so much futility and frustration.
I do not think looking in that direction is the answer…..because the doctors don’t know…..they can only offer medications to handle the pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you it needs help. I wonder how many people on here have made a major attempt to take control….look outside the box of the medical profession. We are like plants living in the same soil..depleted of the minerals, etc that it needs..having been through a trauma….Is the plant going to flourish if we don’t replenish it with plant food or new, richer soil? My efforts have paid off….because my residuals are few..
Since our nervous systems have been attacked, I think that many might be suffering from a Serotonin imbalance. I started taking this particular amino acid that helps the body make more serotonin, and it has lifted my frustration and anguish. I think some of the negativity might me related to a serotonin imbalance. BUT I do NOT recommend a pharmaceutical that inhibits the serotonin from leaving the body…..that is the wrong way to approach the problem…in my humble opinion. And does not work as well and has side effects.
So I got rid of my frustration by taking control and taking something to boost my serotonin. GBS is way too slow for recovery…..there’s the problem. I don’t blame them for thinking recovery will never happen… does though…..and you Can speed it up! I am a walking example of it.