December 23, 2009 at 11:39 am

Hello Flossie,
I miss my four legged babies very much. I still grieve for Cody and Stanley and dream about them. If I could handle it emotionally and physically I would have a dog yesterday.

But, I believe in giving a pet what it needs rather then getting a dog because I want one. I know I cannot care for a pet any longer emotionally or physically.

#1. I am dependent on a wheelchair and I could walk a dog, but I cannot manage to pick up after one.
#2. I live on a pension and with added medical expenses can no longer afford dog food, vet bills, boarding kennels, groomers. etc.
#3. If a dog broke away from me, darted out the door, got lost, etc, I am physically unable to chase after it and find it.
#4. If the dog ran away and wasn’t found, the grief would haunt me forever.
#5 If my pet became sick I could not get it to a vet in an emergency.
#6 If my pet was sick or died, I am no longer emotionally strong enough to handle that grief because I attach to a pet passionately.

The best way to decide is to go by our advice and list your FOR’S and AGAINST’S.