Doctors training, as well as your Stage levels will …

April 2, 2011 at 11:57 pm

ultmately determine if you get radiation, IF you’ve a clear and contained tumor of Stage one or Stage two? {some stage twos, that is..] Usually rads are not done these days. Chemo? Can be of two types, so beware One is the Chemo you get in an infusion therapy room? The other are various estrogen blockers ‘called post treatment therapies’, which are …essentially chemotherapy in their own right.
As for any of these treatments affecting balance and nerve pain? YES they can and at times do. Chemo can cause added neuropathy pain, and many medications for post treatment can and do mess us the whole neuropathy aspects as well. It’s up to you to educate yourself and then decide what you are going to go with!
If you’ve higher than a Stage 2? Then really sit down with both your oncologist AND your neurologist and see if you can get THOSE two docs to discuss out the pros and cons of any given treatment.
One thing I HAVE learned, as I’ve had several surgeries for cancer and other things since? IS that IF you wait 7-10 days after your last infusion, you get benefit from it[for the CIDP]? And still enuf left to help avoid extra problems because you’ve still got enuf IG in you to work on your new problem rather than the CIDP problem.. Robbing Peter to pay Paul in a way? But, I’ve not gotten any post surgical infections or the like since I’ve been on IVIG!
I hope this helps!
The waiting for the biopsy results is one awful aspect! Kind of like waiting for the Spinal and blood work-ups for diagnosing CIDP!
Keep faith and keep it postitive! Hope and good things!