Doctors list

May 11, 2009 at 6:47 pm

I am out in Southern California, (Oceanside), and have VERY good doctors, (a team of 7), each specialists for the different ailments created as the CIDP hits my autonomic system, including an excellent Primary Care Doctor.
They know the pain is real, as they know what CIDP is, and what it is doing to my body. You HAVE to have a good doctor that knows this disease and what it does to your body, INCLUDING THE PAIN THAT GOES WITH IT.
So, you DO have to find a better doctor! To insinuate that you are a narcotics seeker for the fun of it is quite insulting to you, and also shows that doctor’s being unknowledgeable about CIDP. Yes–pain comes with CIDP, and you need relief from it.
My doctor’s all know it, and treat me correctly.
For very painful muscle spasms and cramps, when Flexeril 10mg three times daily wasn’t quite enough to work, they added Valium 2mg with each dose of the Flexeril, and it worked well.
For pain issues, I have the Gabapentin, as well as Vicodin, and Marinol that helps you “forget” the pain, (also it was used for decreased appetite and nausea from the chemo).
I am not in your area, but if you go to the main CIDP website, there is a list of doctors who specialize in CIDP, and I saw one in the Winston Salem area mentioned–I don’t know how far that is from you, but here is the link:
Hope this helps–and yes-dump the doctor you have!