doctor says antidepressants???

November 14, 2008 at 11:34 am

hi again with what are residuals or mf returning i feel worried about my situation not depressed my doctor tells me i am such a worrier and has had me on a seritonin stimulator anti depressant CITOPRAM 40mg and…… also 30mg of amaitrypiline as originally prescribed by my case neuro and it seems that the 2nd one does help with pain in my feet in particular but i am concerned about antidepressants as this one is designed to stimulate seratonin and my nervous system is prob already overactive??? can i ask you what are taken for trembling ,sweating ,numbness and in particular if you want to feel better what else . as i am concerned my doctor thinks , antidepressant is the answer .. would love to hear what you think
take care all of you