Doctor’s name

March 2, 2010 at 12:14 am

[QUOTE=codystanley]Hi Erika,
I just found out that you are posting, that is good. The hospital you are in has a system where they allow people to send an email to patients. I hope you were given the one I sent today. Just take care and be well right now. We’ll talk when you are home and doing better, see if there’s a way we can meet. I have no phone number for you. I lost the number you gave me once before and your recent message on my answering machine wasn’t clear. You have my number, if I can’t answer will return call. Emails are easier for me.

I am in a remission and have not needed a neurologist, but did a research on the chance I might want one. Would you want the name of the doctor I thought might be good? I think he was at Florida Hospital.[/QUOTE]

Hi Liz;

Sorry to but into this thread but I would love the name of the doctor in Florida. I’m in southwest Florida and am having a difficult time with Neurologists and trying to get a diagnosis. If there’s a doctor in this state that knows about this stuff….I’ll drive there! Thanks!