DocDavid and DickS? You are both right in soo many ways?

May 20, 2010 at 6:38 pm

To me, the key analogy between MS and CIDP is that nasty word ‘DEMEYELINATION’. Yet for us it occurs in different ways, my understanding of the ‘chemistry’ of it all tho, seems to indicate that the triggers are similar.
As for Brain Scans and MRI’s? OFTEN, we show ‘white spots’ that could be indicative of one or the other? But are merely scars. Scars from concussions or whatever other damages we can and do DO to our bodies. I didn’t reallly appreciate all this but for a later brain MRI…I was questioned closely about ‘falls’? And thus was able to recall falls from ten, twenty and more years before that could and do show up on those scans. It’s up to the radiologists to sort out falls scarring from plaques, and I believe they are distinct?
I also thank all the work MS folks have done regarding brain and say…anathesiology? That work has helped prevent ME from added, long term side effects due to many surgeries for other issues!
To see any research about the ‘D’ word excites me, especially IF it’s showing promise beyond the basic research mouse!
More good things are coming down the pike, and, I suspect we mite have an avalance soon, but not ‘necessarily exclusive’ to US? I don’t care about that, progress IS progress!