Do you take only one pill?

December 27, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Of the calcium w/the 600 mg of D added to it, I mean. To truly asorb the calcium you need first one that also has magnesium in it, plus the ‘D’. Or it’ll just go thru you. Strangely, and almost contradictorily tho, the Magnesium helps a person to asorb better the calcium and thus the D. Web up the types of calciums and ‘d’s and ‘mags’ one should take. IF you take a multi-vitamin tho? Avoid any other supplements that ‘throw in’ extra B-6! It’s easy to get too much! I’d been on a combo of supplements and found I’d been getting well over FIVE TIMES the B-6 that was the max daily requirement! By trying to help myself, I was hurting myself, nerve wise badly. My multi-vitamin these days is a pre-natal one, as that’s got hardly any B-6 at all [apparently it’s not too good for babies either?] But it’s got a lot of other needed supplements [but you still need more calcium etc.], especially trace elements that are useful.
B-12 is great for nerve regrowth as is B-1, Omega fish oil tabs are good as well. Just try to read that teeny tiny print on the labels and keep track of all the unwanted ‘extras’ that are thrown into supplements that you don’t need, nor should be taking.
I hope this helps a little bit? I don’t pretend to be an expert by ANY means, just sharing what I’ve learned from others and a lot of research!
Don’t forget meds such as neurontin, lyrica and a bunch of others DO deplete calcium intake, read up the ‘prescribing information’ on these meds and the side effects as well – it’s eye opening! What helps us can hurt us in other ways and it pays to have a clue what is going on.