DO you know which brand of IG was given?

May 6, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Believe me, it can and does make a difference.

Beyond that tho, I too got a reaction of hives and got my dermatologist to actually SEE it while it was full force. That makes all the difference truly. The next IG infusion you are scheduled for? Try and make the Derm for the day or two after the infusion…when you are in ‘full itch’! They can’t treat ‘it’ if they can’t see ‘it’! Usually w/topical steroids and it IS common? Even tho Neuros’ always go…’never heard of it!’ Report the brand and the reaction to the FDA and leave it at that… sometimes,,, some infusion facilities or home services substitute the PRESCRIBED brand for another-which should be cleared thru the prescribing doc/neuro? But mostly is not! Keep all receipts pertaining to the reaction and call the FDA… And also ask your federal congressman or senate rep for guidance as to the FDA regs… Those rules are crucial to you and should any REAL adverse effects happen!
I’d encountered a situation w/an area infusion service in a local hospital where they substituted the prescribed IG for 5 other cheaper brands over a 5 month period! I thot I was going crazy that things weren’t working? They weren’t working because I wasn’t getting what could/would work! AND the hospital was billing and getting paid for the richer stuff! THey, by law must notify my prescribing doc and more w/in 10 days and on down the road.. NOT. Just billed for the gold and substituted copper, essentially. Difference in PRICE for sure!
Substitution of brands is one of the issues that scares me more than many others? Because lesser IG’s don’t work for me? I’d almost given up getting IG until I’d asked key questions about the brands and all!

As for the ITCH? Get thee to a derm and get thee the topicals! THEY make a huge diff.. They can and do help heaps! IF you’ve got the right IG product to boot? To be suspicious of IG substitutions is, to me, normal? I mean there are big BUCKS involved with this stuff. It is Precious Stuff in my book and don’t throw the wrong stuff my way when it’s not prescribed!
It IS NOT FUN to have severe itching in some places? And w/this all it does happen! Go ask key questions and get some help and relief, and maybe the IG you are supposed to have? Hugs and good things soon for you!