Do talk w/all your docs about getting IVIG!

January 3, 2011 at 8:04 pm

It’s best to keep on schedule or …who knows? I’ve found after several surgeries, [some of them LONG and invasive] That you may sacrifice some of your normal IG benefits to keeping infection and other evils away. Or, even just the stresses and traumas of surgery in general.
I am hoping and more that YOU will get the better/best benefit of the IG on a consistent basis.
I will be crossing my fingers and at times, my eyes [the only things that work at x-ing well] until I learn of your outcome. Just make sure you are kept WARM in the OR and after! Nothing worse than waking up with earthquake like shakes! Oh! And the pain-killers? Yes to them, but see if you can get pre-clearance for something like Colace or the like to help ‘offset’ the usual pain-killer s/e-stoppage!
Most importantly? I am truly hoping that this surgery IS a SUCCESS! Thus once over, one less problem to worry about! HUGS and good things thru it all!