Do I Have Gbs

November 12, 2006 at 9:28 am


My name is Ava and I have been told I have post virus syndrome. My symptoms began Apr 16, 2006 with the worst sore throat of my life. During the following week I felt weak in the legs. On the 23 Apr I was put on an antibiotic. On the 24 April had to call an ambullance because of difficulty breathing. I felt I was going to die. My hands and feet were numb. ECG, blood work, CT all normal. April 26 I had to return to Emerg. Weak legs, numb hands and feet, difficulty breathing. Felt like someone was stepping on my chest. My voice has been hoarse and very weak. Was put on antibiotics and prednisone May 30 for very swollen base of tongue by ENT which made me worse. After seeing another ENT I was told this was normal for me. My family doctor has told me the CT of the chest has ruled out any lung pathology. He has also ruled out any heart concerns with an extensive array of tests. I continued to have episodes of difficult breathing, difficulty in swallowing, numb hands and feet, lack of appetite, chest palpitations and irregular heart beats. On 7 June I had another breathing attack with arm weakness and when I tried to get up and walk my legs were so weak they actually collapsed. Went back to ER, said they didn’t know what was wrong with me.I had a brain and neck MRI and a brain CT – all normal. I went down hill from there, much difficulty walking until the 19 June I had a major attack, Heart raised out of control, hands and feet went numb, could barely move. Went back to ER, tested reflexes – which were hyper, then to Neurology Hospital. Reflexes were normal – told I had post virus syndrome.
Had EMG-only abnormality found was long F waves. Family doctor noticed knee reflexes were off. In August I really noticed by vision getting blurring, and fought off double vision. I had laser therapy twice on my eyes about 4 years ago and was given a normal eye test early April 2006. Currently I still have weak legs, occasional tingling, numbness in hands and feet, difficulty in breathing on light exertion, and at times I have to stop everything I am doing because it feels like someone’s foot is on my chest. I have three sets of eye glasses, reading, computer and long distance. Could I have a mild form of GBS?