Distinctions AIDP vs CIDP

July 3, 2011 at 4:47 pm

You will have to ask your doctor what factors led him to alter the diagnosis. You need to get a clear answer as to what the distinctions are between AIDP and CIDP. AIDP (GBS) presents with a rapid set of symptoms and a spinal tap is conducted to confirm the diagnosis at the time of initial diagnostic workup. Did your spouse receive a spinal tap? I was aggressively treated within 48 hours of onset. In seven days I was totally paralyzed. Again, ask your doctor to explain why he has has moved to CIDP. Do downturns or regression backwards always lead to redefining the illness? It is my understanding that the GBS patient runs a steady but slow upward line of improvement even though they may plateau for awhile. Again, it is my understanding that the CIDP patient does not present and incur a rapid loss of function. Your doctor is highly touted, but nobody has a good handle on this illness. All we can do is try to understand a little at a time. May you have good luck.