Disappointed my picks did not work out!

May 14, 2006 at 10:42 am

I did not do too bad! But when the ones that I picked dropped out they dropped off to the back of the whole line of cars or were parked in the pits! I jinxed them!

[B]aimee[/B] I thinik cute worked better than divide the car number in half and that is its placement! I did that for all the cars except #20 and for my Sister in Anchorage, Alaska who really likes Steward I put him in second place so he could not beat my guy!

[B]Perry[/B] just jump in…no experience or skill needed! Next time my names are going into a hat and I am drawing names for each position or do you want that method?

[B]Dick [/B]Thank you for taking time to figure out the points, so we could see how we did!

[B]Angel [/B]Good Job! Congratulations!

The next race is not a regular points race so are we going to do just the points races? 05/20/06 NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge