Disability is income too!

September 29, 2008 at 4:24 pm

🙂 Hi Deb…

Sounds like you guys are going through a lot… When we are “disabled”, alot have to turn to our support group to fill in the gaps… You husband is that gap filler…. However, you are contributing in a lot of ways… True, you are not bringing home the big bacon. But, you are still contributing to the nest age.. Don’t feel guilty about that…
In no way are you responsible for you husband falling off a scaffold.. I don’t see that there is any connection…. However, I am wondering if the money is that tight for you guys, or could you do on less.. I personnally learned you can always make more money, but the one thing your family doesn’t have is time.. Also, a lot of stress/fatique/health issues come into play… This is just a comment, take it with a grain of salt.. The main thing is your husband didn’t get hurt…..
Remember, you are contributing, just isn’t the same as before, but on the other hand maybe you have more time for your family….Dean

I hope this doesn’t come across as too preachy, as I don’t know your finances etc.. I’m a little concerned that you are operating at full steam, and wondering how long that can last, or if you have “what if” scenarios… Like Dawn says maybe there is a reason things are coming to a head….good luck….