Different GBS Phases

October 12, 2011 at 9:27 am

Hello Alan,

Good to hear she has had two 5/day treatments of IVIg. And she probably has reached the nadir of the progressive phase and is now in the plateau phase. If you recall, up through Oct 4th, her blood pressure and heart rate was all over the place, setting off all the alarms – but on Oct 5th, everything seemed stablized, no alarms…no anything except her chest infection. The attack has probably stopped.

[B]Progressive phase [/B]
This phase typically last 2-4 weeks, measured from the observation of the first symptom until no further deterioration occurs. This point is known as the nadir.

It is in this phase that GBS patients develop the pain, progressive weakening and sensory abnormalities that characterise this disease. The symptoms increase in severity and extent in a very unpredictable way, depending on how badly affected the patient is. Cases of mild GBS reach a clinical nadir in a similar time to those with more severe disease.

The difference in severity of the syndrome seems to be determined in this phase. [B]Early treatment shortens the transition to the recovery phase, and reduces the risk of permanent physical damage. Treatments focus both on reducing pain and symptoms.[/B]

Now the doctots need to get a handle on her chest infection, and get her temperature down.:)

Warmest regards.