did see my neuro doc today

August 23, 2007 at 5:09 pm

well it is long time since I have given you any update on my recovery.
I went to the doc that treated me at the hospital, before I went to the rehab. It was so good to see him, well he give me more months to gain more right feelings in my hands and feet, but he told me also I should be be paired that maybe it is as good as it get. He told me to practice and practice both with my hands and feet and gain more strength and I would be able to loose the crouch but maybe the burning and this strange feeling I have in my feet will be there, but I would get used to it. Yea since I got home and my improvement in the this tightens and burning and tingle in my feet did not show, I was afraid this would be result, but I’m not one year old since I was onset of GBS so I still have hope don’t I ?
my cramping hands when I hold telephone to my ear, he thought was something I would just have to live with, it was just wrong message that my head was sending to my hands, so my shaking hands are my signature from now on:D not bad.. some hubby would say so 😀 Hope every one is doing good, and I will try to read some post over the weekend and see if I can help some one with their problem, at least give them hug.
love you all my dear family here, I don’t know how I would have survived my GBS if it was not for you all. You gave me bravery and hope.