Dick S – back on page 1!

September 1, 2009 at 7:50 am

This month is birthday time for myself and two very close friends. Both of these friends have health issues also and so understand my challenges and I understand theirs … I want to do something that will make everyone feel good, so I am treating all of us to a spa day this coming Saturday! We will get massages from the local massage therapy school, then on for pedicures and Mimosas!!!

This illness is tough with daily challenges but I agree with Dick S – we need to keep this thread on the first page because no matter how tough, I still can find something that makes me grateful!!!!!!:rolleyes:

Dick S – I hope others will post again to this thread as this is one that needs to remain on the 1st page as an attitude adjustment/inspiration when we hit the rough times … it’s good to remember we can still make others happy and feel good in the process!:D