Dick? Oh MY ! YES!

September 1, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Web up the concerning ‘Prednisone + Prescribing information’ and You will find that: Osteoporosis is common.
You can fight it to a degree w/Calcium + Vit D + Magnesium supplements [you need all 3 for asorbtion] But it depends on where you are in the ‘osteo’ process. You win in one quarter? You pay in another. Is it worth it? Only you can decide. And? Afford. It is also common for pain meds that are anti-seizure meds such as neurontin.

Flossie? I liked the IGLiving exercises? But, there are many more steps we can take PAST these beginner’s steps. Don’t know about you? But I’d love to see more advanced exercises and stretches and strengtheners as well. Taking us up to that NEXT level to independence! I don’t know about you? But, my goal is to start to ‘pretend’ I’m walking ‘normally’..,.whatever that is.
You have to ‘go’ with the programs available to you for now? But I know I’m gonna go and find other [better] sources for future PT when I mite need them!

Any exercises are better than NO exercises! So do what you can and do what feels good and right. If something makes you go UH-OH! Don’t persue it w/o good professional guidance. That’s because things such as spinal problems could prevent you from doing some things, but, there are always others to do! Keep trying and as long as you don’t hurt yourself? You’ll be better and stronger for it!
Walking is good! Walking w/o Walkers is Better! Walking somewhat stablely is better yet! It MEANS: FREEDOM! Keep up all and any good work! 😉