Dick I feel for you!

December 11, 2009 at 9:28 pm

ANOTHER round on the medical roller-coaster! Just what you don’t need!
That said? Get it all over with and hopefully they will either detect something truly worth an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment? Or find something simple!
When you say your eyes are affected? Could you elaborate? I went thru ‘eye’ issues and they were the scariest of all!. Losing sense of ‘sense’ and of muscle, well..they could be ‘dealt’ with to a degree? EYES? tho? A truly spookier issue. They went away for the most part but once in a while come back to, I guess? Remind me to be ‘careful’ or more so than I’ve been in ways I can’t comprehend. I suspect you know what I’m meaning here. But sadly? It’s good to know that another has/is this issue.
Keep persuing the medical tests. Tho they aren’t fun? For the most part, the majority of them aren’t invasive, at least. They just take up heaps of TIME!
My heart is with you on this one for sure!