Dick – Agree 100%

May 19, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Dick – I agree so much with what you say. These pharmaceutical companies are a racket. They are completely in the business of making a profit, a huge profit at that. My Neuro did tell me that Cymbalta came out after Effexor went generic, they added a little something to it and gave it a new name and are selling it as a new drug. You can betcha that the med reps are giving doctors and their staff many gifts to use their products. Another thing to think about is, why are drugs advertised on TV to people, when only doctors can prescribe them? Because we can go in and ask for them by name. I think the med companies run this country at times with all the money they put in politicians pockets also. I am doing okay with the Ultram. The Elavil is only 10 mg, and so far I am doing okay with it. My doctor will raise it slowly. It’s an old med that has been around for awhile, so I am more at ease taking it than some of the newer ones. Hope everyone has a good week and the weather here in Michigan is doing much better, 75 today.
Clare in Michigan