Diagnosis can be a ‘thing in transition’?

July 5, 2010 at 6:26 pm

Even my dear docs change their minds…about me, and after several years? I’m finding it happen more often. I tend to blame it on the phases of the moon [as in lunacy] myself. Or that another patient with some similar features to all mine has come along & stumped them, so they too quickly rethink their original diagnoses.
I’ve always gone w/the ‘We aren’t communicating well in my diagnosis so I’d like [B]your[B][/B][/B] opinion’ is the best way to go. Never bad mouth prior docs as it can come back to haunt you, say during a later ‘disability’ hearing of any sort [Those guys look at EVERY SINGLE piece of your med history on file that’s ever existed, if available!], ergo the caution. Altho I did speak ‘NO WAY! & Over my dead body!’ about receiving IG infusions at one practice, the doc I’d left for my current one…about all I’d heard of his poor IG practices and protocols.
It’s soo much more frustrating when an established and current doc starts ‘waffling’ on the diagnosis? Especially without any further testing to substantiate any change in the diagnosis.
I can’t counsel you about your job, other than only you can assess and value whether the ‘job’ is worth the extra aggravation it’s been contributing to your medical issues. There ARE times when money doesn’t assure health, tho at times it helps with all the testing for sure.
Your LIFE outside of work, and THAT quality? That is equally important, or should be. Getting this stuff and dealing with it can force you to sort out what IS most important in your life. And then get a handle on what IS most important to you and your family…but you most of all. Any ‘job’ doesn’t make you who you are or establish your overall worth! Sometimes your ‘worth’ is truly within YOU and that is key to how you go about attacking this in the future. Sit down with your wife and get her ‘take’ on this all, and how it’s affected her….She mite have some insights that you would be surprised at! It mite take a while to talk and sort it all out? But, you’ll get a handle on things once you work at it and sort lots out.
Keep faith in YOURSELF about the fact that you don’t feel well or right! Choose future doctors carefully, check out their medical training and any papers they mite have published-these can give you clues as to docs who are open-minded or not. I wish you strength, faith and hope! Homeagain