September 6, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Sometimes the posts look depressing but on the other hand, what I have learned here is invaluable. I have learned more here than any doctor, book, nurse, etc could tell me. This site is made up of people who have GBS, and live with GBS.
Just reading their posts has made it much easier to understand just what GBS is, how it works and what happens to your body when you get it.
I have learned about what medications work, treatment options, daily activities that can help, orthopedic aids, what kind of doctors to see, who is nearby us that we can talk to, all the variations of GBS and CIDP, and most of all REAL PEOPLE here talking to each other.
There is a lot of info on the Internet to read and I have but coming here to interact with patients and caregivers like me is a very good thing.
Nate’s own Neurologist, the head of the Neuroscience Center told me he comes here to read posts. To me, that says a lot about this place.
It can’t be bad if experts come here.
Trudy, natesmom