Depressed about post GBS problems

February 12, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Hi Jim, Alma, Chrissy and Hope!

I had GBS when I was 4 in 1958. I found a neurologist here in Montana who had done some work at Mayo, and saw him last week. I have no strength in my feet and lower legs, particularly the right side. He told me I did have weakness, but was reluctant to make a diagnosis until I had an EMG. Which I had wed (10th Feb).

I have extensive neuro damage in my feet and lower legs. All the muscles he tested were way below normal.

I am 55 now, but having quite a few Post GBS symptoms. I am having total hip replacement on the left side March 1. I had the right hip done 2 years ago.

My orthopedic surgeon said I had a “congenital” hip deformity with bone spurs upon bone spurs. I also discovered that joint contracture is common in GBS patients, especially children, so my super high foot arches, supper skinny calves and hip problems may all be related. 😎

Chrissy, fatigue is a big problem post GBS! There is some published literature about that. I will get that info and post or paste it here.