Depends on the Neuro

June 10, 2006 at 10:33 am

:rolleyes: I had 2 neuros that used a roller with sharp pins all the way around. ” Used that to detect “sharp” or “dull” or “nothing”

I moved to another residence. Neuro there said I had “no loss of feeling”. (Didn’t test for it–all or nothing kind of guy.”) I was malingering he reported and sent me a copy of his report to my primary. (This after I had my real Dx at Scripps. With this nut I was whole and normal.) I suppose that he was sticking to his initial schooling–If he didn’t know something it didn’t exist. (He was old enough to not known that then.) I emagine we have all gone through that. But a Neuro? I though he needed a psycho. Or was one. :rolleyes:

I live in an area where there is only 1 neuro and 1 psychol. Oh well.